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We specialize in fishing charters in Port Aransas

Although, we are known for our chartered fishing trips, there is a lot more to do at Woody's Sports Center than landing big game fish. We can make your outing memorable with a variety of activities that range from nature watching to fending off scurvy pirates. With several different packages, all reasonably priced, we truly have something for everybody.
Dolphin in sea

Explore the sea

You've seen them from a distance in zoos and aquatic parks, but it's nothing compared to seeing marine life in their natural habitat. Take a voyage on the Mustang II and experience the wonders of the sea as they were meant to be seen. Our certified passenger vessel will get you up close and personal with playful bottlenose dolphins, fish, shrimp, crabs and other sea life. If exploring historic local islands is more your speed, tour St. Jo Island and the Port Aransas jetties from the comfort of the Mustang II. Cap off your day watching the romantic sunset over the Lydia Ann Lighthouse with that special someone.

Pirate adventure

Landlubbers beware! A motley collection of ruthless pirates has spotted the Mustang II. The Pirates of the Lydia Ann Adventure tour is fun for all ages. Armed with your squirt guns you'll join the crew of the Mustang II in repulsing the scurvy dogs before they have a chance to make you walk the plank. A word of warning: be prepared to get wet.

Bird watching

In addition to the spectacular aquatic life, our area is also home to an amazing variety of birds. Charter one of our boats for a bird watching tour of the island and catch a glimpse of pelicans, reddish egrets, rails, least grebes, bitterns and maybe even a whooping crane. Once you go birding with Woody's Sports Center, you'll be hooked.
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